Roll Wrap Bag W/Logo

Roll Wrap Bag W/Logo

Price: $19.99
Available: 30 On Order: 0

Designed to hold your knives in a roll wrap. Keeps knives away from other tools for ease of access and safety.

Gbc Knife Caddy

Gbc Knife Caddy

Price: $49.99
Available: 395 On Order: 0

Hold all your knives and hand tools in this heavy duty carrying case. Multiple pockets and slots. Designed by the Culinary School to fit all the tools used by Culinary or Baking Students. Fits in your locker!

Victorinox Knife Kit

Victorinox Knife Kit

Price: $319.99
Available: 45 On Order: 0

7 Piece Knife Kit. All items Approved by the Culinary School.

12 "Sharpening Steel

10" Slicer (Bread Knife)

10" Spatula

10" Chef Knife

3.25" Paring

6" Boning


Roll Wrap Sold Separately